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Battery - Fullriver HC 55

Εκτός Αποθέματος
Fullriver HC dual-use batteries are the best solution for a high capacity startup battery with unrivaled backup power to power all your accessories.

Fullriver's HC series uses AGM technology to make it incompatible and flexible to use as a battery. In fact, you can get the best combination of a leak-free battery and a liquid-free battery, which delivers even more power than conventional batteries (up to 2250A for 5 seconds at 25 degrees Celsius) and a deep discharge battery. can accept instant charging, delivering much higher power rates than other deep discharge batteries. Feature of the series is the bright yellow color of the chassis. Also available in black metallic sandblast to increase the durability and durability of off-road collisions (4x4) as well as performance cars.

Product specifications
Kind Batteries
Weight 18.0 kg
Capacity 55 Ah
Trend 12 V
Dimensions (M x W x Y) 229 x 138 x 212 mm