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Audio Processor - Hertz H8 DSP

The Hertz H8 DSP car audio processor is capable of interfacing with any analog and / or digital source, converting ordinary sound into a high performance integrated system.

The Hertz H8 DSP car audio processor is capable of interfacing with any analog and / or digital source, converting standard "audio" into a high performance integrated system. Simple and intuitive computer software provides a wide range of settings to improve the acoustic response of a complex environment such as the car cab. It provides 7 signal inputs with a variety of connection options: four high-level inputs, which also receive pre-amplified low-level signals. a stereo auxiliary input and an optical digital input that receives signals at a sampling rate of up to 96/24 bits. Optical digital input (selectable from the DRC HE remote control and the "Optical / AUX select" terminal) cancels signal interference and distortion, also bypassing the analogue A / D conversion steps. Thanks to the setup wizard provided by the software during setup, the H8 DSP can automatically assemble multiple filtered channels (for example, woofer plus tweeter), to "level" it. OEM source balancing response curve and reconstruct a central, / or subwoofer channel with simple stereo input. By reading the test track on the supplied CD, the H8 DSP recreates a full bandwidth signal with a flat frequency response and is released after processing for excellent sound quality. The H8 DSP features 8 analog PRE OUT outputs, each comprising: a 31-band equalizer, a 68-step electronic crossover, Linkwitz-Riley or Butterworth filters with selected 6-24 dB gradients and digital delay functions. Developed according to specific ergonomic criteria required by the car audio industry, PC software facilitates instant access to all available signal processing functions, delivering immediate results as well as extreme operational accuracy. Configure each input of a channel, adjust delays according to the listening position, adjust jams and equalizers for each output channel. These are some of the functions that the Windows Platform-based PC software (XP, Vista, 7.8, 10) can manage in Standard or Expert mode. The PC software is available in English, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. The user can select the language and the change will be applied to the drop-down menus as well as the Environment Help messages. The number of languages ​​available will increase: once updates are available, they can be downloaded from the Drive Drive portal (

Product specifications
Kind Digital Processors
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions (W x W x H) 191 x 34 x 131 mm