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130 RS


Hi-efficiency 2 Ω speaker system 2 way, 130 mm (5.25”) woofer

Hi-efficiency 2 Ω speaker system
2 way, 130 mm (5.25”) woofer


  • 130 mm (5.25”) coaxial
  • in-line 6 dB/oct cross-over on tweeter lead wire Ajustable tweeter level : 0 dB or -3 dB

Replace your OEM speakers and "Relax" listening to your favorite music. Benefit from 25 years of experience, Relax systems feature the "French Sound" and are designed to provide incredible performance and set a new reference in there category. Because of their high efficiency and low impedance they provide detailed, powerful sound when used with or without an amplifier. Transform your mundane drive into a musical journey...

BLAM wishes you long hours of enjoyment!

130 mm (5.25”) woofer featuring a high-quality coated cellulose pulp membrane, combined with peripheral butyl suspension. The generous size of the magnet (80x15) contributes to the achievement of an optimal QTS, a high level of sensitivity and high power handling. The soft dome tweeter features a neodymium magnet and 20 mm CCAW (copper-aluminum alloy) voice coil.


Max power
120 W / RMS 60 W
Frequency response
80 Hz - 20 KHz
91 dB
2 Ohms


  • Mounting screws
  • Surface and flush mount tweeter accessory


130RS croquis